What are News Briefs?

Learn about news briefs

  • Created by Melissa Falkowski

1. News Brief Basics

What is a news brief?
  • A very short news story about an event or important information that readers need to know, but does not require a full length news story or an investigative report

Where do we publish briefs?

  • In the front of our print issue
  • On our website

Ideas for news briefs

  • Upcoming/Recent School Events
  • Sports games/scores (see sports section for more information)
  • Breaking News - Something that is happening right now or just happened - Something that the community will care about (unscheduled drills, emergency situations, crime on campus, policy changes, etc.)

  • Unscheduled & Scheduled Events - (school board meetings, club events and meetings, on campus and off campus events and activities)
  • Awards & Accolades - recent outcomes of competitions or awards won by students or student groups