Broward County Public Schools Student Media Policies

School sponsored publications are important components of school–based instructional programs. All school publications shall be consistent
with the educational curriculum and the cultural values of the school community and appropriate for the school setting. In this regard,
considerable latitude shall be provided to individual school leadership to plan and develop school publications.

The contents of all school publications must meet the district’s journalism standards, which prohibit obscenity, profanity, libelous or slanderous
material, vulgar or lewd language, or material that may cause substantial disruption of normal school activities. All school sponsored publications
must include the following statement: The opinions expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of [insert name of school] or Broward
County Public Schools.

Approval for publication shall be based on:
1. Consistency with the educational curriculum of the School Board;
2. Reasonable school community standards and cultural values; and
3. The overall purpose of the publication in relation to the academic curriculum and school setting.

The principal or designee(s) shall retain final authority to approve the design and content of all school publications prior to publication or
posting. Any advertisements in school-sponsored publications must adhere to School Board Policy 6300-Advertising. Publications include, but
are not limited to, items such as school newspapers, yearbooks, student newspapers, and publications put out by the PTA, Booster Clubs, and
the like.

*Note after consultation with The Student Press Law Center, this policy is in conflict with itself. The school board states that the opinions in the publication are not those of the school or Broward County Schools, while simultaneously expressing that the principal retains final authority over content and design. The Eagle Eye maintains that it is a public forum for student expression by practice, as it has never been under prior review and has always been student-led. The school's previous newspaper, The Courier, was also student-led and operated without prior review for more than 10 years, before it was replaced by The Eagle Eye.

Last modified: Sunday, April 9, 2017, 6:36 PM