Controversial Issues


  1. All coverage of controversial issues should occur upon a timely subject.
  2. All sides of the issue should be presented and reviewed so as to refrain from any bias, with exception of opinions.
  3. In news, all sides of a school, community, city, state, national, or international political issue should be presented factually so as to inform rather than promote or endorse.
  4. The media should not publish material that is unnecessarily obscene, libelous, unwarranted invasive of privacy.
  5. The media should not attack
  6. If question on the veracity of publication persists, the issue should be brought to the editorial board who must consider the following questions before publication of the piece:
    1. Why is it a concern?
    2. What is it’s journalistic purpose?
    3. Is the information accurate and complete?
    4. Are any important POV omitted?
    5. How would we feel if the story was about ourselves or someone we know?
    6. What are the consequences’ of the publication?
    7. Is there a logical explanation to anyone who challenges issue?
    8. Is it worth risking our credibility?
    9. What are the alternatives?

Last modified: Friday, April 28, 2017, 8:22 PM