Distribution and Circulation


  1. The paper will begin at no less than 16 pages in magazine format unless it is a special edition. The number of pages can however be altered if need be under the decision of the adviser and/or editorial board.
  2. Daily updates will be made to the website throughout the week during the school year. While less frequent, updates will be made to the site during breaks.
  3. The school newspaper will be distributed free of charge to all students according to a distribution schedule approved by the adviser and editors. Newspapers will be distributed once per quarter, unless specified otherwise by the adviser and editorial board.
  4. Current copies of the school newspaper will also be displayed in the library, main office, guidance office and in room 236
  5. Advertising revenues and fundraising are to be used to pay for the school media printing costs, supplies and other media expenses.
  6. All budget surpluses are to be used for future production of the school media.
  7. The paper will be distributed during fifth hour on day of publication
  8. The school newspaper will accept subscriptions for the price of $15 for the entire year.
  9. Total press run each issue is approximately 1,500 unless specified otherwise by adviser or editorial board.
  10. Exchange publications are received and displayed in journalism laboratory.
  11. Exchange publications are mailed to other media rooms across the US.

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