1. The goal of the media marketing is to promote and expand the media viewing audience.
  2. The publicity team will work with all aspects of the media.
  3. Contests are run by members of the 236 staff and regulated by the school’s marketing team and EICs.
  4. Every contest must have its own set of rules which will be posted in a place visible to the student body and contest participants.
  5. All contest rules will be posted online.
  6. All contest rules are to be tailored and agreed upon by the editorial board before start of contest.
  7. Members of media staffs will not be allowed to enter or win contests put on by the publicity team.
  8. The publicity team will work to attend all major events held by the district or school with the intent of promotion.
  9. All events or important dates known by adviser, staff members or editorial board will be passed along to the Director of Marketing.
  10. The Director of Marketing will work to create a marketing team for each new event.
  11. Ad trade-outs are regulated by the Business Manager and Director of Marketing, ad tradeouts are given on a 1 for 1 basis.
  12. The Director of Marketing will work with the web team to promote the publication through outside sources such as Facebook or Twitter.

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