Naming Minors

Naming Minors

The Eagle Eye will publish the names and photos in stories both in print and online. The Eagle Eye staff is not subject to FERPA laws that apply to the school district. 

The Eagle Eye follows the Associated Press policy on naming minors accused of crimes

  • Do not identify juveniles (under 18) who are accused of crimes, even if other news media do so or police release names. 
  • Also, do not transmit images that would reveal their identity. 
  • Do not identify, in text or through images, juveniles (under 18) who are witnesses to crimes.
  • Exceptions may be made in extraordinary cases only with the approval of editors. 
  • Issues that may weigh in a decision include the severity of the alleged crime; whether police have formally released the juvenile's name; and whether the juvenile has been formally charged as an adult. 
  • Other considerations might include public safety, such as when the youth is the subject of a manhunt; or widespread publication of the juvenile suspect's name, making the identity de facto public knowledge. 
  • In some situations, state or national laws may determine whether the person can be named.

For guidance on naming minors, including legal and ethical considerations, view the following link:

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