Newspaper Advertising Requirements

Learn the requirements for advertising and fundraising in journalism courses.

How much does it count?

State course descriptions state that selling advertisements for a school publication will constitute 10 percent of a student's grade.

Why do I have to sell ads?

The following are our publication costs: 
12 page - $1413
16 page - $1755
20 page - $2017
24 page - $2332
28 page - $2695
32 page - $3086

Our publication is 100 percent self-funded. Neither the school nor the school district provides any funds to produce the newspaper. The funding of a publication has always been considered part of the business side of the journalism curriculum.

What am I require to do?

  • Contact a minimum of 5 business for each print issue 
  • Fill out the business contact sheet detailing the businesses you have contacted
  • When a business refuses, have them fill out an advertising refusal form
  • Sell a minimum of two blocks for each issue ($130). 

What if I don't sell the minimum requirement?

  • Students will receive partial credit for advertisements that were sold
  • Students can receive additional credit, if they can show that they put forth maximum effort (i.e. went to 20 businesses). Students must present the appropriate number of refusal forms, which shall be subject to verification by the adviser.

Other Fundraisers

  • Each August we sell 900 student agenda books to the student body
  • Each year we may have at least one candy sale
  • Other fundraisers may be determined by the editorial board 

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