Design Topics

Getting Started

MarginsLearn about different settings for page margins and how to set them.

Magazine Columns - Learn the basics of designing with columns 

Preparation for the Design Process - What to do BEFORE you start designing a page

Magazine Spreads Good & Bad Practices - Some great do's and don't's for magazine design

Magazine Layout Elements

Drop Caps - Learn about drop caps and different types of designs for them.

Pull Quotes - Learn about different styles of pull quotes

Designing/Placing Captions - Learn about designing and placing captions

Applying Correct Color Profiles in Photoshop - Learn how to prepare images for print

Intro, Deck, Standfirst or kicker - Tips for designing an intro


Introduction to Magazine Cover Design - An introduction to different types of magazine covers and how to design them

55 Best Tips for a successful Magazine Cover - Learn some tips for designing a successful front cover


A Beautifully Illustrated Glossary of Typographic Terms You Should Know - basic typography terms defined and illustrated... Do you know the difference between a serif and sans serif font? Learn that and more

Setting Body Copy for Comfortable Reading - Learn how to set body copy fonts that are reader friendly.

Text Hyphenation - Learn about setting text hyphenation and turning it off (The Eagle Eye print editions, usually turns off hyphenation for text blocks.

Using Subheads - Learn how to break up long stories with subheads

Tracking the Type - Learn how to change the tracking (changing the space between more than two characters) of the text and why you might change it.

Kerning Type - Learn how to kern (changing the space between two characters) type

Line Lengths & Column Width - Learn how to set column width that is optimum for comfortable reading for the reader.

Justification - Learn about the different kids of justification and how to adjust their settings

Typographic Widows and Orphans - Learn what they are and how to deal with them.

Choosing the Right Fonts - Some quick tips on choosing appealing fonts


When and How to Redesign a Magazine - Learn the purpose of a magazine redesign and how to do it

Creating a Magazine Masthead - Learn about what a masthead is and how to design one.

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