How to Use Dropbox for Newspaper

Why do we use Dropbox?

  • We use Dropbox to store all of our files related to our print edition - mostly photos and InDesign files
  • Our dropbox files are synced to every computer in the room, so that you can work from any computer
  • Our files backup to both the computers themselves and Dropbox's cloud server, ensuring that our files never disappear

How do I access Dropbox?

  • From the bar at the top of the computer, double-click to box icon.  

  • From a new finder window, click on Dropbox

  • This will give you access to the various files and folders

What do staffers do on Dropbox?

  • Staffers can drag and drop photos into the appropriate folder on Dropbox when they are assigned to work on a specific page
  • Staffers can open specific InDesign files when they are assigned to a specific page
  • NOTE: All files that are being worked on, must be in their appropriate folder on Dropbox. Files sitting on the desktop of the computer are not shared with the rest of the staff or editors
  • NOTE: Be careful when you are opening files. Files can only be opened on ONE COMPUTER AT A TIME or you are creating conflicted copies of the document. How can you tell if a file is already open? Look for a second file in the same folder that has the same name, but starts with a ~ sign. That means the file is already open
  • NOTE: If you open a file that someone else has open you risk creating a conflicted copy AND/OR CORRUPTING the document, which means it will have to be recreated from scratch.

Adding Files

Deleting Files

  • When you delete a file from Dropbox, you are DELETING IT FROM EVERY COMPUTER, not just yours.
  • Dropbox saves all our files on the cloud for 30 days, so if you accidentally delete something, ask an editor or Mrs. Falkowski for help RIGHT AWAY.

What do editors do on Dropbox?

  • Editors add new folders as needed for new issues
  • Editors also create and add all InDesign files for staffers to use for page creation
  • Manage files as necessary to add and delete files

What do these symbols mean?

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